Thus far in 2015, through direct member support, the Friends of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum has successfully fulfilled our mission to support, protect, and promote the Juneau-Douglas City Museum. Through one-of-a-kind acquisitions, financial support, and community awareness, FoJDCM experienced great success in 2014 as the result of our dedicated and generous supporters. The following highlight 2014 FoJDCM achievements, we look forward to sharing our progress from 2015:

      Sponsor paperless e-flyers for the Museum and the Friends through Constant Contact.
      Sought and obtained permission from Bill DeArmond to reproduce four selections from the Dale DeArmond Hat Series prints for sale to benefit the Friends group.
      Realized a 54% membership growth from 2013 to 2014.
      Sponsored 2014 museum volunteer refreshments and exhibit receptions and select openings.
      The FoJDCM have been working on an Our Town project started with the GCHS from KTOO radio recordings of interviews in the 90s with long time Juneau resident, Bob Thibodeau.

Adopted March 17th, 2015

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